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Assistant/Associate Professor of Nursing


Internal/external National/International

The Faculty of Medicine, through its School of Nursing, hereby announces the opening of a national and international call for a full-time Assistant/Associate Professor in the tenure-track to begin in March 2024.

The School of Nursing at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile is one of the leading nursing academic institutions in Chile, holding a designation as PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre and Sigma Chapter, and is currently inviting outstanding candidates for a full-time tenure track position at the Assistant/Associate Professor level.

Candidates should have a strong academic projection and leadership skills to undertake high quality, competitive research. This should be demonstrable through high impact WoS publications in nursing and/or in related interdisciplinary sciences. Interested applicants should have sufficient experience in attracting competitive research funding (ANID or other) for the purpose of developing a productive research line in Nursing or related interdisciplinary sciences.


Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile is ranked in the top three places in the QS Rankings of Latin American universities. It is committed to equality of opportunity, creating an inclusive, diverse, and fraternal community. In doing so, the Faculty of Medicine and its School of Nursing (SoN) respond to the University’s call and promotes the academic development of women and men. They adhere to these principles and in this context invite applications especially from female scientists.

Currently, the SoN seeks to incorporate academics to its tenure track faculty who are committed to the UC vision, demonstrating abilities to:

  1. Develop research projects that fulfil all the stages of the academic research cycle.
  2. Build and develop strong research teams in their specific areas of research.
  3. Carry out high quality teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  4. Additional duties include knowledge transfer, outreach, and supporting the academic management of the School of Nursing.

Important dates

Submission of applications opens on November 23, 2023. Applications will be received no later than January 31, 2024, at 12:00 noon.


Professional degree in Nursing, Nurse/Midwife or other professions related to the health sciences and/or psychosocial care.

Applicants must have earned a Ph.D. degree at the time of hiring (March 31, 2024). The doctoral degree must have been obtained in a national or foreign program taught by a university with international recognition in the candidate’s area of development. Previous postdoctoral or international academic experience should be stated in the application.

Candidates should:

  1. Demonstrate scientific productivity through:
    • a. Publications in journals indexed in WoS, SCOPUS or Scielo, in the last five years. Type of authorship must be specified (first author, corresponding author or co-author). Specify the ranking and impact factor of the journals.
    • b. Ongoing and completed projects as principal investigator. Must indicate source of funding, total amount awarded, and period of execution.
    • c. Presentations at scientific events (congresses, symposia, seminars or others), national or international, during the last five years (lectures, presentation of scientific papers).
    • d. It is desirable to have teaching experience in undergraduate and/or postgraduate courses, and experience of participation in academic work teams.
  2. Candidates do not need to be fluent in Spanish at the time of applying for the position but should be prepared to learn the language well enough to teach in Spanish in the short term (two years maximum). Advanced knowledge of English is highly desirable. A document of validation of the level of English is requested in case of having accreditation.
  3. A copy of the teaching evaluations obtained in this or other institutions, at undergraduate and postgraduate level. If you do not have them, you must explain the reason for not having them.
  4. It is desirable to have national or international academic recognition and/or distinctions.
  5. Participation in Scientific Societies is desirable.
  6. Participation in community outreach activities is desirable.

Applicants must demonstrate a strong commitment to all aspects of academic life and public good of the institution. They must be highly motivated to continuously improve their teaching skills, have a genuine interest in getting involved with our graduate programs and be able to develop and maintain an active research agenda leading to high quality publications, securing research grants, generating and participating in interdisciplinary projects, leading scientific initiatives, strengthening and creating national and international academic networks, etc. The candidate will also be expected to create new undergraduate and graduate courses and teach traditional courses in related areas.

Application instructions

Applicants should submit the following documents to the secretary of the School’s Direction, Mrs. Marta Gutiérrez, (in the email subject line, please indicate: Faculty position – Assistant Professor; see note A) by January 31, 2024.

  1. Complete Curriculum with photocopies of titles and degrees, which must be legalized at the time of hiring (except for titles and degrees obtained at the UC School of Nursing), with the corresponding endorsements. Including the DOI of the publications or documents that accredit publications, awarding of national or international competitions, teaching and professional experience (see Note B).
  2. Application letter describing current research agenda and proposals for the next five years, history of academic connections with national or international networks, and the candidate’s motivation to apply for this position. The letter is expected to describe the interest of the applicant in joining the Pontificia Universidad Católica, indicating the specific contributions that the applicant plans to make to the UC community, considering its areas of development and mission (maximum two letter-size pages).
  3. Three letters of recommendation, which must consider the following sections: I) identification of the person who recommends the applicant; II) length of time that the person has known the applicant; III) relationship with the applicant (e.g., student, co-investigator, colleague in teaching, or other relevant areas); and IV) overall evaluation, incorporating strengths and weaknesses of the applicant and the evaluator’s perception of the applicant’s ability to conduct research independently. These letters should be sent directly by the candidate to
  4. Applicants who already work at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile must comply with Article 30 of the “Regulations and Management Policy of the Academic Body” (Reglamento y Política de Gestión del Cuerpo Académico) in force, regarding academic promotion.
  5. Applicants who meet the application requirements and submit the complete requested information within the deadline established will be considered for the position.

Applicants of foreign nationality who apply from abroad, if selected for the position, will require the corresponding visa obtained from the consulate in the country of origin for their incorporation into the university’s academic staff.

Note A:

The applicant will get a response from this email address confirming that the documents have been received.

Note B:

The CV must be organized as it follows:

i) Personal information: name, address, contact telephone number (with country and city codes), email address, web page (if any); ii) Education: all academic and professional degrees, indicating the granting institutions and dates. If the applicant is currently enrolled in a doctoral program, please indicate the expected date for the degree. iii) Educational experience (university or institution, courses taught and years). iv) Professional experience (employer, duties, years). v) Research.

  1. List of Web of Science journal publications.
  2. List of other publications such as reports, books or book chapters, conferences attended, research projects participated in, patents, etc.
  3. Other: awards, computer skills, languages, and any other relevant background information

Applicants’ selection process

Once the complete set of application materials has been received, the applicant will be contacted within two months and informed whether the application has been accepted for further consideration. If this initial screening is successful, the candidate will be asked to continue the process following the steps described in appendix 1.

Further information

Additional information can be obtained by emailing the Academic Secretary of the Academic Career Advising Committee, Dr. Francisca Marquez, or by contacting the secretary of the School’s Direction, Mrs. Marta Gutiérrez, Tel: +56-2-23545831

EEO/AAP Policy Statement

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile is committed to fostering an environment that welcomes and embraces diversity, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, or marital status in its activities, including employment, admissions, and educational programs.

Other Chilean and University employment benefits may be found in:

Appendix 1. Application steps

Pre-selected applicants based on their background and merits must comply with the following:

  1. Personal interview with the Academic Career Advising Committee.
  2. Oral presentation of a synthesis of their academic career, in the fields of research and teaching, and of their professional career.
  3. Psychological Evaluation.
  4. Selection of the final candidate by the Selection Committee.
  5. Ratification of the selected candidate by the School Council.
  6. The selected candidate is informed (offer letter).

The time that elapses from the interviews until the final resolution is typically around two months. The selected candidate must be available by April 2024.