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González Briones, Ximena

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Academic background:
Nurse Midwife at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (1990) and Master in Bioethics at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2018), in addition to two diplomas in the area.

Academic Category:
Associate Professor.

Research activities and publications (last 5 years):

  • Her line of research is ethical aspects and humanization in nursing care.
  • She has been awarded 5 research projects, two with national funding (co-investigator) and three projects with SoN funding (one as principal investigator).
  • She is the author of 5 publications, 1 scientific article indexed in ISI/Scopus (co-author), 3 are articles indexed in Scielo (co-author) 1 article indexed in other databases (co-author).

Undergraduate and graduate teaching activities (last 5 years):

  • She teaches undergraduate courses and coordinates courses in the area of ethics and nursing care in pediatrics: “Nursing Care in Women’s and Children’s Health”, “Nursing in Child Emergency”, “Nursing Care of the Diseased Child”, “Inpatient Nursing Internship”, “Nursing Care of Preschool, School, Adolescent and Young Adult”, “Nursing Care in Childhood and Adolescence”, “Anthropological and Ethical Foundations of Nursing” and “Solidarity and Anthropology of Nursing Care”.
  • She coordinated a teaching innovation project for the teaching of ethics in the School of Nursing.
  • In Continuing Education she is head of the diploma program in Clinical Bioethics.

Extension and outreach activities (last 5 years):

  • She has given 10 oral presentations at national scientific events.

Academic Management:

  • She is part of the Teaching Unit in Health Ethics (UDES), which aims to ensure the contents, methodologies and evaluation of the teaching of ethics in different health careers.
  • She is a permanent member of the Bioethics Center of the School of Medicine. Currently, she is the Head of the Department of Child and Adolescent Health.