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González Montero, Daniela

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Academic background:
Nurse-Midwife at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2009). She completed the Diploma in Management and Leadership in Health Companies (2013) and the Diploma in University Teaching for Health Professionals (2017), both at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, she has multiple training courses related to her area of clinical development. Currently, she is in the final stage of her Master’s Degree in Medical Education and Health Sciences at the UC School of Medicine.

Academic Category:
Assistant Teacher.

Research activities and publications (last 5 years):

  • She has participated in theoretical and theoretical-clinical courses as part of the teaching staff and as coordinator of the courses “Nursing Care”, “Nursing Profession and Discipline”, “Professional Seminar”, “Nursing Care in Women and the Newborn”, “Nursing Care in Women with Gynecological-Obstetric Problems”, “Inpatient Nursing Internship”, “Nursing Care for a Healthy Climacteric” and “Self-Care of Health”.
  • In addition, she participates as guest professor in other undergraduate courses.
  • She teaches Continuing Education as a tutor for the Diploma in Teaching for Health Professionals.
  • Professor Gonzalez has played an outstanding role in teaching innovation and has been awarded 2 teaching development projects. She is a member of the Nursing Education Office in charge of coordinating the peer support program and the implementation of the Team Based Learning (TBL) methodology.
  • Her constant work and commitment to teaching is reflected in the “Outstanding Junior Teacher” award from the UC School of Medicine and the
  • Recognition Award for Teaching Excellence granted by the UC Academic Vicerectory.