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Soto Fuentes, Paz

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Academic background:
Nurse-midwife from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (1982), Master in Health Administration from the Universidad de Chile (1991), diploma in human resources management in health from the Pan American Health Organization (2007) and in evidence-based health from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2011).

Current Academic Category:
Full Professor

Research activities and publications (last 5 years):

  • Her line of research is Health Management and Administration.
  • She has been awarded 1 research project with international funding (as co-investigator).
  • She is the author of 6 publications, 2 are scientific articles indexed in ISI/Scopus (as co-author), 1 indexed in Scielo (as main author) and 3 indexed in other databases (1 as main author).

Undergraduate and graduate teaching activities (last 5 years):

  • She teaches undergraduate and coordinates courses in the area of child health and management: “Nursing Care Management”, “Nursing Profession and Discipline” and “Nursing Internship”.
  • In postgraduate courses, she is a guide and thesis reviewer for the Master’s Degree in Nursing. She participates in Master’s thesis evaluation commissions of the School of Nursing and is a member of the faculty of the Master’s Degree in Nursing.
  • She teaches Continuing Education as head of the Diploma Course “Management and Leadership in Health Institutions”.

Extension and outreach activities (last 5 years):

  • She has 2 presentations in scientific events, 1 of them international.
  • She is director of the Chilean Association of Nursing Education since 2012.
  • She is a member of the Beta Tau Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International and the Chilean College of Nurses.

Management activities:

  • Director of Extension and Continuing Education (since 2020), member of the Grading Committee (since 2020), of the Graduate Committee (since 2018) and of the Research Committee (2017) of the School of Nursing.
  • Director of the Horizonte Magazine of the School of Nursing (since 2011).