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Navarro Tapia, Sandra

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Academic background:
Nurse Midwife from the School of Nursing UC (1981), and specialist in High Risk Newborn from the same School (1999), Master in Psychology mention in Social-Community Psychology at the School of Psychology UC (2005) and Master in Humanization of Health Care: Patients, Families and Professionals, at the University of Barcelona, Spain (2020).

Current Academic Category:
Associate Professor

Research activities and publications (last 5 years):

  • Her line of research is Quality of life, chronic disease in children, critical care of children.
  • She has been awarded 3 research projects, two with national funding (one as principal investigator) and one project with SoN funding (as co-investigator).
  • She is the author of 4 publications, 3 are scientific articles indexed in ISI/Scopus (2 as main author).

Undergraduate and graduate teaching activities (last 5 years):

  • She teaches undergraduate courses and coordinates courses in the area of nursing care in child and adolescent health and theoretical bases of nursing: “Nursing in Child Health”, “Nursing, profession and discipline”, “Pediatric Nursing II”, “Nursing Care of the Pre-School, School and Young Adult”, “Nursing in Child Emergency”, “Nursing Care of the Sick Child”, “Nursing Internship of the Child”, “Nursing Care of the Newborn”, “Nursing Research”, “Nursing Care in the Vital Cycle” and “Nursing Care from Childhood to Adolescence”.
  • She is a lecturer and head of the Child Critical Care Specialist program.
  • In postgraduate teaching, she is a member of the team of professors of the Master’s course “Design of Advanced Care in Nursing” and professor and reviewer of Master’s thesis.

Extension and outreach activities (last 5 years):

  • She has 9 oral presentations in national scientific events.
  • She is a member of the Patient and Family Education Commission of the UC-CHRISTUS Health Network.
  • She is a member of the Chilean College of Nurses, the Pediatric Pneumology Society, the Chilean Society of Pediatrics and the Chilean Society of Child and Adolescent Nursing.
  • She is also a founding member of the Spiritual Care Nursing Network.