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Bernales Silva, Margarita

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Academic background:
Psychologist from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2004), Master in Psychology from the same University (2006), PhD in Community Health from the University of Auckland, New Zealand (2013).

Current academic status:
Assistant Professor

Research activities and publications (last 5 years):

  • Her research interests are cultural competence, medical anthropology, gender studies and masculinities.
  • She has been awarded 8 research projects, 5 with national funding (1 principal investigator) and 3 projects funded by the Universidad del Desarrollo (1 as principal investigator).
  • She is the author of 20 publications, 17 are scientific articles indexed in ISI/Scopus (11 main author), 1 indexed in Scielo (main author) and 2 in other databases (co-author).

Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching activities (last 5 years):

  • She teaches undergraduate courses in mental health and gender: “Interpersonal Helping Process”, “Gender equity and health: challenges for action”.
  • In postgraduate she coordinates the course “Advanced Qualitative Research”, she is a professor and thesis reviewer for Master of Nursing thesis.

Extension and outreach activities (last 5 years):

  • She has 7 presentations in international scientific events.
  • She is a member of the international scientific society Global Action on Men’s Health.